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LDR’s and OneWorld Alliance in South America

LDR: My girlfriend is currently studying Industrial Engineering and she is finishing…

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Sunday Funday: History of SOPA, Flyertalk Trolls and Cinephile

Whats good everybody! Happy Sunday Funday! My favorite day of the week where…

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DOT’s New Law: Simplifies Fares, Expands Passenger Rights

American Eagle American Airlines Flight

American Eagle

The big news story this week has been the DOT’s decision that government taxes and fees are to be included in all advertised airline fares.

What does this change?

Full Information:

I am sure you have had a sticker shock airfare experience. You know the type when you find a fare that is $100′s cheaper than any other offer. You think you hit the cheap flight jackpot.

You go through the booking process, filling out the passenger information thinking you snagged an amazing deal. Only to be surprised by $100′s in taxes & fees. Making it the exact same price as the fares you were trying to avoid.

You were hoodwinked, bamboozled and misled.

That is what this new law wants to avoid. Under this new regulation government-imposed taxes and fees must be included together in the advertised fare. Great move. Simplification of the booking process plus quicker access to the true cost of a flight.

But who would not agree with a law that gives the consumer full information on the COST of the flight?

Those tacky advertisers, Spirit Airlines, who love to promote their cut rate fares. Their whole modus opperandi is flipped on its head and punted out the door.

Spirit Airlines Fare Rule Law

Don’t believe the exaggeration of Spirit airlines claims. There are no hidden taxes or fees anymore because they must be included in all advertisements. When you review the price it will provide a breakdown of what $$ amount goes to taxes, fees or the fare.

The fares may be higher earlier in the booking process but that does not mean the fares have increased. Only that the actual flight cost is displayed immediately instead of being a surprise later on.

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Loyalty Program Tips: Instant HHonors Gold Status

This instant HHonors Gold promo is just like the one I got in on thanks to a heads…

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Destination Abstract: Letting it all Ride in Las Vegas

This is Part II of my Las Vegas Trip Report Series. For other parts please reference the list:

  1. Hotel Abstract: Vdara Hotel & Spa CityCenter, Las Vegas
  2. Destination Abstract: Letting it all Ride in Las Vegas
  3. Flight Abstract: JFK-LAS R/T (coming soon)

I went out to Las Vegas for MLK Jr. weekend. *Cue Montage of misogynistic-debauchery-laden events surrouded by illegal paraphernalia and actions ultimately ending the weekend in a pile of vomit and food in a hotel hallway*.

If only I were to be so lucky.

Cut back to me, sitting in my grandparents living room watching Les Aventures de Rabbi Jacob. The movie was good.

This is what happens in Vegas when your grandparents live in Vegas and it’s your grandmas birthday. Enter if you dare.

I arrived in Vegas at 1:30pm, hoped onto the car rental shuttle and was ready to go in on Vegas. The bus driver was disarmingly friendly which is hard for a cynical New Yorker to appreciate.

Las Vegas Car Rental Cheap

Rental Center Complete with Slots

The car rental center was empty. Nobody is coming to Las Vegas in January. Went to Hertz, picked up the always fashionable Toyota Camry and kept it moving.

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