Bonus Offer Analysis: 45,000 SkyMiles for American Express Delta Card and 50,000 Points for AMEX Gold

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American Express is running a bunch of great targeted offers through their partners at and luckily they are not as difficult to get as they used to be. There are targeted offers for the American Express Delta Card, AMEX Gold and AMEX Blue Cash cards.

It has always been the trend that American Express saves their best signup bonus offers for their targeted offers. American Express is willing to pay more for the consumers they think are the most valuable but that leaves their public offers coming up a bit short.

In a recent post we saw how to use Membership Rewards on the best first class seats and now American Express is targeting 50,000 points to approved consumers who can spend $1,000 in 3 months with the annual fee waived the first year – usually $175.

That is one of the better signup bonus offers and low spend requirements currently available.

You will have to navigate to the Card Match tool and fill out the entire form except do not give them your Social Security Number. It is not required to get targeted offers and I would not feel comfortable sharing that myself.

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Finding Targeted Membership Rewards offers and Delta SkyMiles Credit Cards


After you fill out the entire form you will be taken another landing page that displays the “exclusive” offers that you might have qualified for. If you are lucky, like I was, you will see several different targeted offers displayed like this:


50,000 Membership Rewards for Premier Rewards Gold Card by AMEX Awesome Deal

American Express Delta Card

Delta SkyMiles Credit CardThere is a 45,000 miles offer for targeted applicants of the Delta SkyMiles Credit Card by AMEX and it is not on the list of cards that make you ineligible for the Premier Rewards Gold card.

Eligibility Requirements

Direct from the terms and conditions, “Welcome bonus offer not available to applicants who have had this product within the last 12 months or any other Consumer American Express Delta Card account within the last 90 days.”

It’s Not Even the Best American Express Delta Card

The bonus offer is broken down into getting 25,ooo after your first purchase and another 20,000 after $5,000 in purchases within the first 6 months of card membership.

Compare that to the current offer you can find on the best airline credit card guide of 30,000 SkyMiles after $500 in required spending and there is a huge hurdle of $4,500 for the last 15,000 SkyMiles.

This 45,000 bonus offer is the peak of what we have seen in past targeted Delta SkyMiles credit card but the spend requirement is steep increase from what we are used to in their public offers. There are no other consumer cards that earn direct into SkyMiles unless you look to the roster of AMEX Membership Reward cards that can transfer into the SkyMiles program and they often run 30%-50% bonus miles promos for making the transfer.

Looking at the Skymiles credit card offer against the Premier Rewards targeted offer I would recommend fans of SkyMiles and fans of low spend requirements alike go for the Premier Rewards card.

50,000 AMEX Gold Points

Besides the prerequisite that you are targeted for the offer, the now omnipresent 12 month buffer period to be considered a eligible for this offer as well as no applications for select AMEX products in the past 90 days: “Welcome bonus offer not available to applicants who have had this product within the last 12 months or any other Consumer ZYNC®, Green or Gold Card or Platinum Card® account within the last 90 days.”

This makes it impossible for anybody who has recently gotten the 50,000 points from the Mercedes-Benz Platinum card in the past 90 days ineligible to apply.

I also can’t compare the Premier Rewards card with the Platinum because that is so clearly apples to oranges. The platinum card comes with airport lounge access and global entry fee waived that would benefit somebody who travels. They both have their merits and right now the Premier Rewards card has a targeted offer that you do not how long will stay around while the Mercedes card has been at 50k for what seems like forever.

Spend Bonus for Airfare, Gas and Groceries

As is typical for all Premier Rewards Gold Cards you earn double points on gasoline at U.S. stand-alone gas stations, double points at U.S. stand-alone supermarkets.

You also get triple points on airfare booked directly on scheduled U.S. and international passenger airlines.

They also are sure to stick in their fine print that “Charges at tour operators, charter airlines, and superstores or warehouse clubs are not eligible for bonuses.” If you are a big warehouse club shopper this AMEX will not help you out and you might be better off with the AMEX Costco True Earnings card.

Remember that this is a charge card which do not carry balances like credit cards do and expect you to pay in full each month or you can face a $35 fee for late payment.

Should You Apply?

The best public offer for this card is 25,000 points after $2,000 in spend which means it costs you $1,000 to earn 25,000 points less than the targeted offer!

I think completing a $1,000 spend requirement in 3 months is quite easy for myself and I think a good amount of you as well. If you can pay your cable and phone bills with this card plus gas and groceries you will easily clear the $1,000 in three months.

My goal is to always find the cards with the lowest spend requirements and highest bonus offers because I am not a Vegas whale and don’t have enough resources to reach $10,000 spend requirements on all my cards.

I think this is a great card and you should definitely consider it. The Pre

The standout offer, and the title of this post, is the 50,000 point bonus for the Premier Rewards Gold Card by AMEX but it is not the only offer you can be targeted for.

AMEX Blue Cash Cards

The last two cards on the market are also worth mentioning.

They are the Blue Cash Everyday and Blue Cash Preferred Cards by AMEX and their signup bonus offer increase by 50 and 100 Reward Dollars respectively.

The Blue Cash Everyday increased its bonus from 100 to 150 reward dollars but also decreased the spend requirement from $1,000 to $500 within three months.

The Blue Cash Preferred increased its bonus from 150 to 250 reward dollars and the spend requirement remained the same at $1,000 within 3 months.

Spending Bonus Category Breakdown

Both cards are great for groceries, gas and select department stores.

The Everyday card offers the first $6,000 of purchases at U.S. stand-alone supermarkets in a calendar year qualifies for 3% cash back but only 1% after reaching that amount. If you spend $6000 a year on groceries you get $180 cash back.

The Preferred card has the same $6,000 limit but ups the cash back to 6%, giving you an $360 cash back.

Now for gas you get an unlimited 2% cash back from the Everyday version and 3% cash back on the Preferred card. I live in New York where the average gas price is $4 per gallon and with the Preferred card I get 12 cents back per gallon on this card. No limits no rotating category, straight up bonus category that can pay you back in a big way.

The Preferred card does come with a $75 annual fee – not waived- but the Everyday card has no annual fee.

Final Thoughts

That is a lot to digest but it is important to understand the entirety of every offer from the same card and across card types to analyze which you will be applying for. Always do your homework on all the cards and make sure you know how to maximize your return from each offer and the card features.

I would definitely recommend the Premier Rewards Gold by AMEX for the points and miles community because it has a low spend requirement and the annual fee is waived for the first year. It also gives you more points than the Delta SkyMiles credit card offer does and if you get lucky with a big transfer bonus to SkyMiles the Premier Rewards offer will be even more fruitful than it already is. Don’t bother with the Delta.

Then with the Blue Cash cards it really comes down to making sure the $75 annual fee of the Preferred version pays you back with the 6% back on groceries and 3% back on gas over the Everyday’s 3% and 2%, respectively. Do the math of how much you spend in gas and groceries in a year and see if your savings will cover the annual fee.

To Your Reward Travel Success!

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