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Gazing into The Future of the US Airways Credit Card

It did not take long for Barclaycard, the issuer of the US Airways credit card,…

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Spring Break to Brazil, Spain and Hawaii for Less Than Tank of Gas

Everyone needs a break

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When I was in College I wish I could have had a spring break to Brazil, Spain and Hawaii for free.

Instead I settled by paying full fare and spending spring break on a week long trip through Iceland and Stockholm and another spring break hiking through the jungles of Costa Rica.

Today you have the amazing opportunity to go see Brazil and Spain, plus an extra flight to Hawaii, whose taxes & fees cost less than a tank of gas in your Foreign-made SUV.

But the great thing is you don’t have to be Darth Vadar, choking people out with the Force, to convince people to get you this free flight.

The force is strong in your frequent flyer miles and they will guide you to the wildest spring break you could ever dream of.

You also don’t have to be a college student to enjoy this spring break deal, college kids are too busy getting drunk in Mexico anyway, because it can be found across several months of spring travel to off-peak spring break destinations.

I mean, I’m living in Buenos Aires and I am tempted to book this flight.

This deal combines the power of American Airlines off-peak milesAAver awards and a British Airways Award Flight sale for zone 4.

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US Airways-American Airlines Merger Talks

Mergers, Acquisitions, Hostile Takeovers. The airline industry has all types of ways to “cut fat”.

US Airways announced this week that they secured the support of 3 American Airline worker unions.

The unions representing American Airline’s pilots, flight attendants and ground workers said they struck the deal because the plan proposed by US Airways would keep 43% of the job cuts American has said they need to make.

Looking back on the history of mergers and takeovers in the airline industry the unions are key to success. In fact US Airways said it learned from its failed hostile takeover bid of Delta Airlines in 2006 and knows they first need to “woo” people over to their side.

US Airways knows what the unions wanted to hear and served it up on a plastic platter with faux-silverware. I guess the job savings figures did their job.

The pilot unions seem to forget the lay-offs and cuts this time and again here.

The official details of the US Airways agreement with American Airline’s union groups have not been disclosed at this time.
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For Love or Miles: Extra Miles for Flagship First Class

****Because of the Surprise Announcement of 100k Avios Points Chase British Airways card offer I will be introducing some posts that will discuss how to maximize these miles. Some of these posts will re-hash:

  • How to Search and Book a Partner Award Flight
  • Overview of the BA taxes/fees
  • The Best Redemption Options for Domestic short-haul
  • The Best Redemption Options for International
  • 2-for-1 Travel Companion Pass Breakdown
  • Strengths of BA Avios Points
  • and more…
  • So stay tuned as I release these posts throughout the week. It is my favorite program and I look forward to sharing it with all of you. Now back to the post.


    Before Fernanda left on March 26 I decided to change her departure date.

    She had off from school April 2 for Remembered of the War of the Malvinas. So if we had found availability she could have stayed until April 1.

    Sometimes the award space teases you. There was milesAAver availability for dates around this but we could not find anything for her to stay the weekend. We could only bump her an extra 5 days, having her leave on Friday.

    From Economy to First

    The First Class milesAAver award costs 62.5k AAdvantage miles but an economy milesAAver would have been 30k AAdvantage but this being off-peak it was only 20k miles.

    The economy award would have been much more affordable and long-term focused but none were available. This is one of those moments where cents per mile just slip away and you begin to focus on the moment. What is really important, time with somebody you care about or an 40k miles?

    So for the first time ever, one of us would be flying in something other than Economy Class.

    AAdvantage American Airlines First Class Slippers

    Legroom for her brAAnded Slippers

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    The Game of Thrones to U.S Airlines Converter

    The Clash of Kings. Meet The Clash of Airlines. I grew up reading Lord of The…

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