Insanely Cheap Flgihts to Hawaii in Economy and South America in Business

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LAN Airlines Business Class

UPDATE 2/17 2PM: The Bucket List trip to IPC is near dead and on life support. Try using Kayak flexible searches to find dates. The DFW-EZE space is also shrinking up quick but the JFK-SCL still has tons of dates for April, over 11 when I did a 5-7 night search, so act quick. The Hawaii deals are still alive in multiple forms on multiple airlines.

Remember, do not call the airlines on these deals until the deal is gone.

You say Hola and I say Aloha!

This is a wild Friday we have today folks as both Hawaii and Deep South America have full out fare wars!
It is really cold out in NYC and I can’t believe there is such a huge sale to two parts of the world where it is warm and beautiful!

I love Hawaii and Argentina and I would jump on these fares asap because these are exceptional cheap airfares.

These are three very different fare wares and I will cover the Hawaii sale in economy class first.

You will need open and a pen and pad to copy down your flights you find there.

Thanks to all the amazing members on Flyertalk for putting me on to these great fares.


Hawaii is one of those vacations that is so cliche but for a good reason. It is a trip that is tough for us on the east coast but it is so different than what we find in the Caribbean and it is absolutely breathtaking.

The best way to see if there is availability for your desired travel dates is to navigate to

The best month to search is the end of Februray and March 5th. There have been fares as low as $358 but now they are a bit higher at $375 for Hawaiian Airlines JFK-HNL.

Insanely Cheap Flights to Hawaii

When I did my search it was at first only available on Hawaiian Airlines but slowly the other carriers began to match and there are many airports that have this fare available to them. It can be found for $396 on on United, $455 on American and $427 on Delta. These prices are subject to change quick so jump on them now.

Remember that this is not high season and these prices could easily be double during those peak travel dates.


Earlier in the day there was some nonstop availability but right now there is 1 connecting flight made in Miami.

This is the trip I had the most interest in because I have my GF living in Argentina and this is BUSINESS CLASS ticket is $400 cheaper than what economy class is during those same dates.

Beyond the fact that this is business class for only $900 it is also on LAN Airlines metal which offers lie flat seats in business and it is a pretty well regarded product for their service as well.

Start your search in April and some availability in May.

Insanely Cheap Business Class to Buenos Aires

Easter Island and Chile

This is the last of the bunch and you want to start your search in April too and it stretches into May and early June.

Easter Island is $1009 and Santiago de Chile is ~$900 both are for LAN Airlines business class products.

Below you see the business class fare space for flights from New York City to Santiago for prices cheaper than economy class:

Insanely Cheap FLights to CHile

The Chile route is sreviced by AA 763 which have angled-lie flat seats and if you can get on LAN airlines for your long segments you will be really getting your money’s worth.

Below you see the business class fare space for flights from New York City to Easter Island for prices cheaper than economy class:

Easter Island in Business Class for $1000

But the problem is that when you book partner flights that have partner flight numbers you can’t put the reservation on hold on AA.COM. To put an itinerary on HOLD the flight needs to have AA flight numbers, even if they are operated by a partner airline. Capeesh?!?

This is an amazing deal that won’t last long so if you had some plans to visit these destinations jump on them now!

To Your Reward Flight Success!
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