Privacy Policy

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Information collected through online forms provided by, such as (but not limited to) personal names, mailing addresses, e-mail addresses, IP addresses, will not be distributed or sold to any third party and will be held to strict confidentiality. Any information submitted during time of registration is also held to strict confidentiality.

Personal information, such as e-mail addresses and user names are used mainly to recognize individual members and/or online viewers. In the event needs to contact an individual, may use submitted personal information to offer technical assistance, service updates, or membership information.

Any service subscribed to via a designated form residing on the server, can be unsubscribed to, at the users requests.

Cookies are used within the Membership Area and are strictly designed to recognize the user and do not disclose any personal information. The use of cookies is required to access certain areas within

General comments posted via the Review Form are posted online and made available to the general public, with the exception of IP Addresses and E-mail Addresses.

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